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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In My Home

One day I invited Him into my home;
There were plenty of rooms in which to roam;
We began in the hallway – narrow and straight
He said it reminded Him of a path I should take.

I smiled and said, “I need to listen to that!”
He smiled too and we continued to chat.
Next came the living room, cluttered with books;
He started to weed through them, having a look.

“I can’t find the one book that you should be reading;
It’s the one that I wrote that you’re definitely needing.”
I knew what He meant and sheepishly rushed
To get to the Bible that was covered in dust.

My heart was discouraged, but He took my hand,
“You must learn this book to be able to stand.”
I promised I would, and I set it aside
In a place close by where it still resides.

We walked to the family room, now called the den
“I see no family here, did you tell them and when?”
I hung my head, now feeling ashamed
Trying to think of something to blame.

“This is my work that I’ve called you to do,”
Was His reply as I continued to stew.
“I’m sorry,” I said.  “I’ll try harder tomorrow.”
And that made me feel better about all the sorrow.

On to the kitchen, which was just ahead
“Is this where the hungry come to be fed?”
His eyes were upon me and again I could feel
The shame of the fact I had not shared a meal.

He put His hand on my chin and lifted my head,
There was no anger, but just love instead,
I got the message, it came strong to me.
“If I do it for them, I do it for Thee.”

The room where I sleep was next on the list,
By now I was wondering what else I had missed.
He looked at the carpet next to my bed
And a smile appeared and then He said:

“I see by the dents that you’ve prayed many a night.
I heard all of your prayers and know of your plight.
Today I am come to show you the way
Take a look at your house and make this the day.

That the rooms will be used for what I suggest
You’ll see answers to prayers then manifest.
Clean up the rooms in the home you so love
And I will smile down on you from above.”

With that He was gone, and not really you know,
For He follows me now wherever I go.
I’m still cleaning house and making it shine
For now I know I am His and He is mine.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

my newest card