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Monday, February 28, 2011

This Much (song)


As I was walking along the road to Calvary

I saw Jesus along the way

I asked Him, “Jesus, how much do You love me?”

And this is what I heard Him say:

“I love you this much, this much,” He cried

As they nailed Him to the cross

When He was crucified

“I love you this much, this much,” He cried

Then He stretched out His arms and He died.

As I was looking upon that cruel tree

I thought of Jesus’ goodness and grace,

I thought, Jesus, how much You must have loved me

For I know that I, I should have taken Your place.

But You loved me this much,

“This much,” You cried

As they nailed You to the cross

When You were crucified

You loved me this much,

“This much,” You cried

Then You stretched out Your arms and You died.

Then I lay weeping

At the feet of Jesus

And I saw angels come to stand by His side

I stood upon my feet

And looked up to the sky

And with my hands stretched toward Heaven, I cried:

“I love You this much,”

“This much,” I cried

And for You, Lord, I would be willing to die

“I love You this much,”

“This much,” I cried

And for You, Lord, I would be willing to die

Yes for You, Lord, I would be willing to die.

No, I'll Never Say Never (song)


I said I’d never teach in Sunday School

That just isn’t me

But now I find myself teaching Sunday School

For God meant that to be

No I’ll never say never

That’s something I just can’t afford

Cause the things that I said I would never do

Might be ordered by the Lord

I said I’d never go to Africa,

China or Japan

But God sent me across the sea

To a dry and barren land

No I’ll never say never

That’s something I just can’t afford

Cause the things that I said I would never do

Might be ordered by the Lord

I said I’d never preach the Word of God

Or talk to any groups

But when the Holy Spirit comes on me

I start jumping through the hoops!

No I’ll never say never

That’s something I just can’t afford

Cause the things that I said I would never do

Might be ordered by the Lord

I told God I hate hospitals

That’s not the place I’d pick

But now I find myself having real joy,

Praying for the sick.

No I’ll never say never

That’s something I just can’t afford

Cause the things that I said I would never do

Might be ordered by the Lord

Monday, February 14, 2011

What Child is This?

By Teri Couture
Copyright® 2004

What child is this
That came into my life
To stir up happiness
Amidst all the strife

What child is this
Who wipes all my tears
And when He is close
Conquers my fears

What child grows older
But keeps getting better
What child is this
That breaks every fetter

What child is this
Grown into a man
Who makes me say
“With Him all things I can”

He gave up His life
A great child indeed
He died on the cross
So I could be freed

What child is this
That from this world should part
He is the child
That still lives in my heart

What child is this
Why it’s Jesus, God’s lamb
And I can say with great faith
Now His child I am

We Are Americans

by Teri Couture (inspired by the events of 9/11)
copyright® 2001

We are Americans
United we stand
The light's reaching out
All over this land.

Some filled with sorrow
Some filled with grief
And some thanking God
To be filled with relief.

Hugging and crying
And waiting for news
Streets littered with paper,
And somebody's shoes.

There are times like these
That make us so strong
We put our hand o'er our hearts
And sing our great song.

Oh say can you see
The people's refrain
Come heal this land
Take away all the pain.

For we are Americans
United we stand
Our light won't go out
All over this land.

You'll Always Be Special to Me

by Teri Couture
(written for my daughter when she lost her dog, Lisha)

I remember well the day
When in my life some sunshine came
It was the day we took you home
Then nothing was the same.

You thrilled me with your playfulness
And how fast you learned a trick
You loved me better than myself
Stayed near me when I was sick.

You’d come and lie right next to me
It was like you took a stand
And somehow I didn’t hurt so much
When you gently licked my hand.

Oh, there were times when you were naughty
Like when you’d break your chain
And come back hours later
Soaked from all the rain.

How many times I searched for you
Up and down the street
Fear coursing through my body
‘til I heard the patting of your feet.

You always seemed so sorry
Your eyes begged me to be glad
Then you’d do something funny
And I never could stay mad.

But now that you are gone
I don’t know what to do.
A void has filled my heart
There was no truer soul than you.

I miss you, oh, so very much
‘Cause like no one else could be
You were my friend, part of my life
And you’ll always be special to me.

copyright® 2002

There's Nothing Like It

by Teri Couture copyright®2002

I could never begin to explain
I feel like I’ve been revived
This child that brings such pain
At the same time brings my love alive.

A new born babe so soft and sweet
A wonder to have and to hold
A Grammie’s delight, a special treat
The joy cannot begin to be told.

Anxious, I wait to get my chance
To cuddle and snuggle a bit
To twirl him around in a happy dance
A Grammie – there’s just nothing like it.

The Torturer

by Teri Couture copyright®2006

(Written for my friend John as I watched him go through physical therapy)

Here she comes again
New tortures for my friend
She brings him so much pain
And turns his sunshine into rain.

Stretching, pulling, twisting arms
Bring grimaces to his face
As she tries to get those stubborn bones
To find their rightful place.

Some day, it will all be over
And he will change his frown
He’ll be able to move his arm
Sideways, up and down.

The torturer will sigh
And say, “I knew you could.”
And then my friend will smile
And say, “God meant it for good!”

The Mom Thing

by Teri Couture copyright® 2005

I woke up this morning
And limped out of bed
My legs were all wobbly
There was pain in my head.

My stomach was riding
On waves up and down
I held onto the wall
So I wouldn’t drown.

I didn’t want breakfast
The thought made me sick
I knew I should be getting
To a doctor right quick.

The answer was shocking
I hadn’t a clue
The doctor said this:
“In nine months, you’ll be due.”

After six months of nausea
And shifting around
I saw your first picture
On the new ultrasound.

You looked comfy and happy
Not at all like I felt
(A circus fat lady
In a dress with no belt.)

Like Santa’s belly
Mine wiggled and shook
And how huge I seemed
On the pictures Dad took.

Then came the day
I thought would never arrive
When you decided to come
At 8:45.

All the waddling
The squatting
The stomach
Always knotting.

The kicking inside
That drove me most wild
Was well worth the wait
When I saw my first child.

Peach fuzz for hair
A cute little nose
I checked to be sure
You had ten little toes.

I was lying in bed
When your Dad came in
He had a great thought,
“Let’s do this again!”

I thought of the pain
So fresh in my mind
But I looked at your face
And said, “That’ll be fine!”

The Christmas Wish

by Teri Couture copyright®2002

He crept down the stairs
And stifled a yawn.
It was too hard to wait
For the day to dawn.

His eyes flew open
His heart jumped in his throat
Under the Christmas tree
Sat a large boat.

Just what I wanted!
The thought swam in his head.
Now I can sneak off
And go back to bed.

But he just couldn’t sleep
No rest did he get
There was a problem,
He was upset.

It’s just like Santa
To hand me this fate—
I can’t use it now
I have six months to wait!

The Baby in the Manger

The Baby in the Manger (A Christmas poem for a child's play)
by Teri Couture copyright® 2010

(1st child):

On a cold wintry night
While tending my sheep
My eyes got so heavy
I wanted to sleep.

But there in the sky
Was a very bright star
I watched as it shone
Much brighter by far.

I decided to follow
And only stopped when it did
It came to a stable
So behind it I hid

I heard the cry of a baby
And saw a new little stranger
Lying so innocently
There in a manger.

His face was so bright
His eyes so appealing
Could this be the one
That God was revealing?

I heard angels singing
A most heavenly sound
This sure is the Christ child
That I must have found.

He looks like a king
Something’s different for sure
He makes me feel happy,
Clean, and so pure.

I found him; I’m glad
And He lives in my heart
I love how He loves me
Now I’m done my part.

(2nd child):

Have you found him yet?
Is He living in you?
Why not give Him a chance
He can make you brand new.

Something Brand New

Something Brand New
by Teri Couture copyright® 2007

When I was a child
The second one in line
I always got the hand-me-downs
That didn’t look so fine.

The bike with one wheel missing
The doll with one eye gone
If there was a way to take the words out
I’d have gotten half a song.

When grab bag names were chosen
I often felt abused
What I always seemed to get was
Something that was used.

Well, when I grew up
I found that special man
We walked into a brand new life
Going hand in hand.

Finally I had something
No else had had before
It felt so wonderful to me
I just wanted more and more.

And though it had been done before
I had babies – just a few
And each one brought a special love
To me that was brand new.

I tried not to be selfish
But what is mine is mine
And when it comes to things I love
I’ll take brand new each time!

No Matter What

by Teri Couture
(written for my friend, John who became a quadraplegic after a tragic accident)

If the things I want so much
Are things I never get to touch

If I pray and do my part
If the yearning’s in my heart
But you don’t answer me

Lord, no matter what I do
I’ll still love you

If you don’t do one thing more
I’ll be happy, that’s for sure

If I long to hear a “yes”
When you know it’d make a mess
So you say “no” to me

Lord, no matter what I do
I’ll still love you

If you make me wait forever
Or if you should tell me “never”

If you see me through this life
If you get me past the strife
I’ll tell you every day

Lord, no matter what I do
I’ll still love you

If there is constant pain
And never any gain

If you live within my heart
If I know we’ll never part
And you let me know you’re there

Lord, no matter what I do
I’ll still love you

Copyright® 2008

A Mother's Day Poem

A Mother's Day Poem
by Teri Couture copyright® 2007

On this one day of the year
We get to thank our mother dear
For all the great things she has done
There are so many; there’s a TON.

She taught us how to laugh and play
How to work and how to pray
How to love and to forgive
How to watch the way we live.

When I’m sick, to God she prays
And by my side all night she stays
Until she sees the light of day
And makes sure healing’s on the way.

She makes the house all nice and clean
And comforts me when kids are mean
She reads to me when I go to bed
There’s so much more to be said.

But here’s the thing I want to tell
I love my mother very well
Though Mother’s Day comes once a year
I’ll thank you always for your care.

I love you, Mom!

Let's Walk Together

Hurt is like a dagger
That stabs emotion’s soul
It robs you of a good night’s sleep
And surely leaves a hole.

Reaching ice cold fingers
Beneath the cruel heart’s throb
It cuts the want for life and joy
With one far reaching sob.

When beyond the limit
You have faithfully soared
There’s only one way out for sure
And that is through the Lord.

You have searched all scripture
You could not find a place
That offered peace and tranquil calm
Instead, you saw His grace.

It was grace that freed you
And brought you back at last
Won’t you try just one more time?
Let present be the past.

God can fix this thing
He is the only One
He can take the soul that hurts
And give you one more sun.

Wait on Him; watch and see
He’ll give you joy sublime
If you only learn to take a walk
Just one step at a time.

Copyright® 2002

I Hope That I


I hope that I
Shall never live to see
The end of all days
It's too scary for me.

I hope that I
Won't be around
When the sun is a fireball
Scorching the ground.

I hope that I
Am gone anyhow
When checks are replaced
With marks on the brow.

I hope that I
Will long have passed
When the antichrist reigns
And evil holds fast.

I hope that I
See it's coming soon
I know I must keep
My heart in tune.

I hope that I
Won't get caught unaware
I hope you make it
I hope you care.

Copyright® 2002

How much did it cost to buy my pardon (song)

by Teri Couture copyright® 2002

Here is a song I wrote to the tune of "how much is that doggie in the window"




(written on 9/11)
By Teri Couture

The phone rang as I watched my TV
It was my neighbor's little boy on the phone for me
A little voice sounded frightened and shaky
Do you know where my mommy and daddy are, lady?

They aren't at home; they were supposed to be.
They were coming by plane, at half past three.
Can you please help me find them? They don't answer their phone,
And I'm too little to be left here alone.

I ran to that house, to that scared little boy
And held him and kissed him; it brought him some joy.
But how do I tell him the truth I now knew?
What do I tell him? What do I do?

With tears streaming down, and a wrenched broken heart,
I told him the story right from the start.
I said, "God looked down from heaven today.
He told an angel to find those who pray."

"Bring them to Me, bring only the best,
I want to give them a nice place to rest.
I have beautiful mansions, right here up above
And I want the best people to fill them with love."

The angel flew down and started his search
He heard people praying and saw a plane lurch.
These must be the ones that need God's rest.
They're calling on Him, they must be His best.

The angel guided the large plane on his wings
And he presented these people to the King of Kings.
"Here are the ones You wanted to see,
They sure look and sound like the best ones to me!"

The little boy's eyes filled up with big tears
But I was glad to see wonder replace all his fears.
Are my mommy and daddy there with the rest?
Yes, God took them to heaven, He chose only the best.

Copyright® 2001

Christmas in My House

Christmas in My House
by Teri Couture

On the first day of Christmas
I started getting scared
I hadn’t done my shopping yet
Til now, I hadn’t cared.

The second day of Christmas
Found me in the mall
I couldn’t stand the traffic
And my car picked then to stall.

The third day of Christmas
The tree was dragged from hiding
It took me all day long, I know
It was the lights that I was fighting.

The fourth day of Christmas
I played music for some cheer
To get me in the mood for now
I wasn’t going anywhere.

The fifth day of Christmas
I started all my wrapping
I soon ran out of tape
So, no time for any napping.

The sixth day of Christmas
Found me in the mall again
This time for some ribbon
And a coffee break at ten.

The seventh day of Christmas
The straw broke the camel’s back
The cat smashed all the ornaments
Even ones I didn’t unpack.

The eighth day of Christmas
It was to the mall once more
I looked for plastic ornaments
Until my feet were sore.

The ninth day of Christmas
I was putting up the tree
The cat had knocked it down again
So I gave him away for free.

The tenth day of Christmas
A man came to my door
He told me that the cat was mean
He wasn’t wanted any more.

The eleventh day of Christmas
With no hope of being ready
I gave up on the special meal
We had to have spaghetti.

The twelfth day of Christmas
I looked for kitty everywhere
I finally found him hiding
In a pair of underwear.

Finally, Christmas day had come
Family came and went
I served spaghetti with the sauce
Out the door the cat was sent.

I looked around my living room
Wrapping paper on the floor
Empty boxes strewn around
And thought, what was all this for?

It was then I heard a scratching
And a little tiny thump
I let the poor cat in the room
And on my lap he jumped.

He looked at me with eyes so glad
His purring motor roared
I loved him not, though plain to see
It was me that he adored.

With a sigh he settled in
Thinking all was well at last
I smiled and stroked his velvet fur
All forgiven was the past.

It was then I thought of one so small
That came so long ago
To give a gift to all mankind
His love still makes me glow.

Copyright® 2002

All You Want For Christmas

All You Want For Christmas
By Teri Couture
I asked what you wanted,
“Just make out a list.”
You reached over and gave me
A sweet tender kiss.

The TV was playing
The remote poised in your hand
Ready to move again
At your wish and command.

Your eyes glued to the set
I watched your lower jaw drop
“Aw, come on, Honey,
There’s only six days to shop!”

No answer, no movement
Like I’m not even there
You’re watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas
For the third time this year.

I try it again
You ask me to halt
“Fine, if you end up with nothing,
It’s your very own fault!”

“Would you like something
For fishing, hunting or golf?”
“No, just a million dollars
And a day off.”

Well, I can’t give the million
I’ve spent it my dear
And I can’t give up my husband
Even one day of the year.

You can’t unwrap this gift
You won’t know where to start
For it’s all the love that I have
Deep down in my heart!

Copyright® 2002

My Father, My Dad

Here is a poem I wrote the day my dad died. I read it at his funeral.

My Father, My Dad
by Teri Couture

I'm here with my Father,
I'm here with my Dad
But he's with the best Friend
He ever had.

I'm not very prosperous
No wealth do I hold
But Dad's got plenty
Of riches untold.

I fight traffic each day
On a long endless road
But Dad's up there walking
On streets made of gold.

He has been lifted on high
And sings with angels each day
While I'm down here with worries
That get in the way.

He can talk to the Savior
Has all that he needs
He walks through rose gardens
Planting more seeds.

One petal will fall
On the loved ones below
Each time we remember
How he loved us so.

Perfect peace has he now
And a smile on his face
For we believe with our hearts
He's in a beautiful place.

And some day we'll go
To be with my Dad
No more tears will we shed
Nor will we be sad.

'Cause we'll be with my Father
We'll be with my Dad
We'll be with the best Friend
We ever had.

Until then, my dear Daddy,
I want you to know
We'll carry fond memories
Wherever we go.

copyright® 2002