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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


A "Mother Heart" is something only loving moms possess. It's when your babies are born and you don't care about the pain - just that you have what you've always wanted; It's when your toddler keeps you hopping and running everywhere with no thought of what you really need to do, but you are just so happy they are not sick and lying in bed instead. A mother heart is one that looks past all the hurts from the mouth of a pre-teen and thousands of "ignores" and even though the mother heart cries and cares deeply, it also overlooks and makes excuses for the behavior because a mother heart is still overruled by love. A mother heart breaks during the teen years when children are "finding themselves" and you don't like what they find. Oh, it gets frustrated, angry and tender, but again, a mother heart is filled with everlasting love that is very stubborn and once they "find themselves" and settle down, all is forgiven and a brand new relationship starts. That's a mother heart. That's a heart of love. That's a heart that never stops beating for a child. And then the mother heart expands into a grandmother heart and the process begins anew - this time much stronger and more understanding. I love my mother/grandmother heart and never want it to stop beating in love! 💖