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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Purple Socks

We had an evangelist come through last week and he was telling the story of how his small granddaughter was going home after a visit. It was late and she was tired. He tried to put on her purple socks, but she cried, "I don't like purple socks!". She proceeded to take off the sock and put her bare foot into her pink cowboy boots. He took the boot off and started to put the socks back on her. She whined, "But Poppa, it's so hard to wear purple socks." He related this to how sometimes we whine and carry on about silly stuff when God asks us to do something. He told about great men of God and how they had to be "sifted" for many years before they turned out the way they did. Here is a poem I wrote about this service. I thought you might enjoy it!

by Teri Couture

I’ve been through a test, and many a trial
I’ve been “sifting” now for quite a while
And I’ve learned in the school of hard knocks
That I don’t like to wear purple socks.

I’ve tried to hear what God had to say
I’ve read His book and I try to pray
I know these are God’s building blocks
But it’s so hard to wear purple socks.

I finally listened, I finally gave in
I let the Spirit talk again
Now purple socks are part of my roots
(as long as I can cover them with cowboy boots!)

Copywrite® 2011

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  1. What a great story and poem - you've given me something to think about today! Thanks for stoppinng by my blog and leaving me a comment!