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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What could I give?


What could I give to a King who has everything?
Well, I have a nice voice, so I suppose I could sing.
And then the angels would join in for a while
And I’d see the King break out in a smile.

What could I buy that would make Him say “WOW!”?
I look through the catalog and find nothing right now.
I suppose I could search for another new robe
But none regal enough exists on this globe.

What could I make that would bring Him great joy?
It’s a hard thing to do, if you’re just a small boy.
I think of what I could do all alone
For the One that gave me all that I own.

I thought and I thought and couldn’t decide
Until one day I looked at the cross where He died.
“That’s it!” I thought. “'cause He gave His all,
I’ll do the same – I’ll answer the call!”

And so that’s when life really began
For a small boy, now grown into a man
I finally discovered what gives Him a lift.
He smiles and says, “It IS the best gift!”

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