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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Father, My Dad

Here is a poem I wrote the day my dad died. I read it at his funeral.

My Father, My Dad
by Teri Couture

I'm here with my Father,
I'm here with my Dad
But he's with the best Friend
He ever had.

I'm not very prosperous
No wealth do I hold
But Dad's got plenty
Of riches untold.

I fight traffic each day
On a long endless road
But Dad's up there walking
On streets made of gold.

He has been lifted on high
And sings with angels each day
While I'm down here with worries
That get in the way.

He can talk to the Savior
Has all that he needs
He walks through rose gardens
Planting more seeds.

One petal will fall
On the loved ones below
Each time we remember
How he loved us so.

Perfect peace has he now
And a smile on his face
For we believe with our hearts
He's in a beautiful place.

And some day we'll go
To be with my Dad
No more tears will we shed
Nor will we be sad.

'Cause we'll be with my Father
We'll be with my Dad
We'll be with the best Friend
We ever had.

Until then, my dear Daddy,
I want you to know
We'll carry fond memories
Wherever we go.

copyright® 2002

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