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Monday, February 14, 2011

You'll Always Be Special to Me

by Teri Couture
(written for my daughter when she lost her dog, Lisha)

I remember well the day
When in my life some sunshine came
It was the day we took you home
Then nothing was the same.

You thrilled me with your playfulness
And how fast you learned a trick
You loved me better than myself
Stayed near me when I was sick.

You’d come and lie right next to me
It was like you took a stand
And somehow I didn’t hurt so much
When you gently licked my hand.

Oh, there were times when you were naughty
Like when you’d break your chain
And come back hours later
Soaked from all the rain.

How many times I searched for you
Up and down the street
Fear coursing through my body
‘til I heard the patting of your feet.

You always seemed so sorry
Your eyes begged me to be glad
Then you’d do something funny
And I never could stay mad.

But now that you are gone
I don’t know what to do.
A void has filled my heart
There was no truer soul than you.

I miss you, oh, so very much
‘Cause like no one else could be
You were my friend, part of my life
And you’ll always be special to me.

copyright® 2002

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