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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Baby in the Manger

The Baby in the Manger (A Christmas poem for a child's play)
by Teri Couture copyright® 2010

(1st child):

On a cold wintry night
While tending my sheep
My eyes got so heavy
I wanted to sleep.

But there in the sky
Was a very bright star
I watched as it shone
Much brighter by far.

I decided to follow
And only stopped when it did
It came to a stable
So behind it I hid

I heard the cry of a baby
And saw a new little stranger
Lying so innocently
There in a manger.

His face was so bright
His eyes so appealing
Could this be the one
That God was revealing?

I heard angels singing
A most heavenly sound
This sure is the Christ child
That I must have found.

He looks like a king
Something’s different for sure
He makes me feel happy,
Clean, and so pure.

I found him; I’m glad
And He lives in my heart
I love how He loves me
Now I’m done my part.

(2nd child):

Have you found him yet?
Is He living in you?
Why not give Him a chance
He can make you brand new.

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