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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Mom Thing

by Teri Couture copyright® 2005

I woke up this morning
And limped out of bed
My legs were all wobbly
There was pain in my head.

My stomach was riding
On waves up and down
I held onto the wall
So I wouldn’t drown.

I didn’t want breakfast
The thought made me sick
I knew I should be getting
To a doctor right quick.

The answer was shocking
I hadn’t a clue
The doctor said this:
“In nine months, you’ll be due.”

After six months of nausea
And shifting around
I saw your first picture
On the new ultrasound.

You looked comfy and happy
Not at all like I felt
(A circus fat lady
In a dress with no belt.)

Like Santa’s belly
Mine wiggled and shook
And how huge I seemed
On the pictures Dad took.

Then came the day
I thought would never arrive
When you decided to come
At 8:45.

All the waddling
The squatting
The stomach
Always knotting.

The kicking inside
That drove me most wild
Was well worth the wait
When I saw my first child.

Peach fuzz for hair
A cute little nose
I checked to be sure
You had ten little toes.

I was lying in bed
When your Dad came in
He had a great thought,
“Let’s do this again!”

I thought of the pain
So fresh in my mind
But I looked at your face
And said, “That’ll be fine!”

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