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Monday, February 14, 2011

What Child is This?

By Teri Couture
Copyright® 2004

What child is this
That came into my life
To stir up happiness
Amidst all the strife

What child is this
Who wipes all my tears
And when He is close
Conquers my fears

What child grows older
But keeps getting better
What child is this
That breaks every fetter

What child is this
Grown into a man
Who makes me say
“With Him all things I can”

He gave up His life
A great child indeed
He died on the cross
So I could be freed

What child is this
That from this world should part
He is the child
That still lives in my heart

What child is this
Why it’s Jesus, God’s lamb
And I can say with great faith
Now His child I am

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