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Monday, February 14, 2011

Christmas in My House

Christmas in My House
by Teri Couture

On the first day of Christmas
I started getting scared
I hadn’t done my shopping yet
Til now, I hadn’t cared.

The second day of Christmas
Found me in the mall
I couldn’t stand the traffic
And my car picked then to stall.

The third day of Christmas
The tree was dragged from hiding
It took me all day long, I know
It was the lights that I was fighting.

The fourth day of Christmas
I played music for some cheer
To get me in the mood for now
I wasn’t going anywhere.

The fifth day of Christmas
I started all my wrapping
I soon ran out of tape
So, no time for any napping.

The sixth day of Christmas
Found me in the mall again
This time for some ribbon
And a coffee break at ten.

The seventh day of Christmas
The straw broke the camel’s back
The cat smashed all the ornaments
Even ones I didn’t unpack.

The eighth day of Christmas
It was to the mall once more
I looked for plastic ornaments
Until my feet were sore.

The ninth day of Christmas
I was putting up the tree
The cat had knocked it down again
So I gave him away for free.

The tenth day of Christmas
A man came to my door
He told me that the cat was mean
He wasn’t wanted any more.

The eleventh day of Christmas
With no hope of being ready
I gave up on the special meal
We had to have spaghetti.

The twelfth day of Christmas
I looked for kitty everywhere
I finally found him hiding
In a pair of underwear.

Finally, Christmas day had come
Family came and went
I served spaghetti with the sauce
Out the door the cat was sent.

I looked around my living room
Wrapping paper on the floor
Empty boxes strewn around
And thought, what was all this for?

It was then I heard a scratching
And a little tiny thump
I let the poor cat in the room
And on my lap he jumped.

He looked at me with eyes so glad
His purring motor roared
I loved him not, though plain to see
It was me that he adored.

With a sigh he settled in
Thinking all was well at last
I smiled and stroked his velvet fur
All forgiven was the past.

It was then I thought of one so small
That came so long ago
To give a gift to all mankind
His love still makes me glow.

Copyright® 2002

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