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Monday, February 14, 2011

Something Brand New

Something Brand New
by Teri Couture copyright® 2007

When I was a child
The second one in line
I always got the hand-me-downs
That didn’t look so fine.

The bike with one wheel missing
The doll with one eye gone
If there was a way to take the words out
I’d have gotten half a song.

When grab bag names were chosen
I often felt abused
What I always seemed to get was
Something that was used.

Well, when I grew up
I found that special man
We walked into a brand new life
Going hand in hand.

Finally I had something
No else had had before
It felt so wonderful to me
I just wanted more and more.

And though it had been done before
I had babies – just a few
And each one brought a special love
To me that was brand new.

I tried not to be selfish
But what is mine is mine
And when it comes to things I love
I’ll take brand new each time!

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