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Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Want For Christmas

All You Want For Christmas
By Teri Couture
I asked what you wanted,
“Just make out a list.”
You reached over and gave me
A sweet tender kiss.

The TV was playing
The remote poised in your hand
Ready to move again
At your wish and command.

Your eyes glued to the set
I watched your lower jaw drop
“Aw, come on, Honey,
There’s only six days to shop!”

No answer, no movement
Like I’m not even there
You’re watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas
For the third time this year.

I try it again
You ask me to halt
“Fine, if you end up with nothing,
It’s your very own fault!”

“Would you like something
For fishing, hunting or golf?”
“No, just a million dollars
And a day off.”

Well, I can’t give the million
I’ve spent it my dear
And I can’t give up my husband
Even one day of the year.

You can’t unwrap this gift
You won’t know where to start
For it’s all the love that I have
Deep down in my heart!

Copyright® 2002

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